Waiting for the game to start.
Josh was very excited about donning the red and yellow to play against Byron Bay in his first soccer match of the season. It was to be a home game which meant a 5 minute drive up the road to the Woodburn Soccer ovals.
Well sometime early Saturday morning it started raining. Not the gentle rain of the city, but the thunderous down-pouring only the country seems to spit out. We of course thought this meant that soccer would be called off and we could enjoy a much needed sleep-in.
Well this wasn’t the case. Here in the good ol’ country a monsoon doesn’t automatically mean that games are called off. Here in the good ol’ country it needs to be the sort of weather that’d make you scared to venture outdoors before they even think of calling a game off. The game would go on.
I luckily stayed in bed while my dear husband rose a comatose Joshua and then off they went to the very wet field to play a decidedly muddy match.
A telephone call 10 minutes into the game from Dave asked if it would be okay if Ruth could bring Josh home if we would be happy to have Izabelle for the morning. The answer was of course, “YES!!” So a mad dash to get dressed, a 5 minute once over of the house and then Dave and Izabelle arrived home.
Sammy was very excited to have company and the girls were happy to make necklaces while I made some anzac biscuits. Busy fingers and full tummys meant that the house was very peaceful for a Saturday morning. Even Isabella was on her best behaviour.