Friday, May 18, 2007

Oak St. Performance

It’s been education week this week and the school has had open classrooms. I’ve got to go and sit at the back of Josh and Sammy’s classrooms and just watch. They were very excited that I was there!! It’s been a long time since I’ve had time to go into a classroom as just a parent.
Today was a chance for classes to go and perform in the main street (Oak St) of town. The kids walk there from school, which takes them about 6 minutes, maybe 8 for ones with little legs. There was even a programme given out to parents!! Kindy performed, “The Wheels on the Holden”, Year 1 did “I Jump” and Year 3/4 did “Brumby Jack” using lagerphones. Year 2 sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” however Sammy missed out as her teacher was sick. She was disapointed that she didn’t get to go.
Josh did an amazing job of shaking his lagerphone of course!!
Josh is infront of the rope coloured pole.

MY FIRST TOOTH!! Arrived on the 7th May, 2007.

It’s now officially ten days since Isabella got her first tooth and we finally have managed to get a photo of it. She wasn’t happy about it but here it is:
You can just see the little tooth on the right.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dave's new bike!

Guest post by the lovable Dave...

After a couple of rides into and out of town on a rather tired 10 speed bike supplied by my boss, I decided to take the plunge and invest in a decent bike to haul myself to work and back combined with a desire, nay a need, to get fitter.
So, with Gareth’s help last Saturday, I drove into Ballina to the bike shop recommended by m’colleagues. Naturally, given my height, there were just 2 bikes that were tall enough and I ended selecting the bright red rocket you see in the photo.
Twenty one gears (!!), a broad enough seat, a rack and basket on the back strong enough for the laptop and good lights and a snazzy new pump and I’ve been biking in to town every day since – including Sunday!
It’s a four and a half kilometre ride into town and I can now complete it in around 12 minutes and getting faster. I have a combination speedo/odometer/trip computer of sorts that came with the lights so it’ll be interesting to see what improvement greater fitness, and thigh muscles, brings.
A picture Dave found of his bike on the net.
But I tell you what, it sure beats being stuck in a car in traffic!