Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve is really the start of Christmas in the Taylor clan. We were all supposed to head over to granny and pa's house for an evening of seafood. Well poor me got food poisoning from eating at the food court after having a lovely pedicure with Sammy. So the morning of the 24th started with an extended visit to the bathroom and then another and then another. Dave ended up going with the kids and leaving me lying on the coach feeling sorry for myself. They ended up having a lovely time and I finally stopped vomiting.

Christmas morning arrived at around 6am with a wake-up visit from both Josh and Sammy. I promised that if Isabella hadn't woken up in the next 10 minutes that I would wake her up myself. Unfortunately I had to wake her up AND she was so hard to rouse. But eventually we were all up and my oh my did Santa bring a lot of presents!!

Everyone got something they wanted. But the best present of the day was Josh's hat which he is still wearing as I type 4 days later!! It was one of the cheapest as well. The second best present was the wii that Santa bought as a surprise. Everyone has loved it!!

Next was granny and pa's house where poor me felt under par all day. It was only after the kids had left at 3:30pm and all the other guests that I started to feel myself. Boxing day and I was back to normal. What a sad way to pass Christmas by. : (

Boxing day was the day to pick up Josh and Sammy from Jim and Heather's house. There were the usual guests plus Kim and her parents. She has been having a hard time with morning sickness. The kids are very excited about getting a new brother or sister in 2010!! Although to be honest, Josh is dying for a baby brother all of his own. He insists that it's not fair if Sammy has a brother and two sisters and he only gets sisters. Poor thing! We'd love to give him a baby brother, but at the moment that is not to be.

I sit here on the 29th of December and wonder how the year has gone by so quickly. We've been blessed in so many ways this year and hope that we're blessed in another way this coming year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sammy's Dance Competition

Sammy had her first dance competition this last weekend and she did so well. We are so proud of her!!This is the third time we've paid for her to do dance lessons and she's finally made it to a concert. The last two times she's decided that dancing is too scary and has stopped it before it has been time to actually join in a concert.

Well we finally made it and she was wonderful! She has such good rhythm and so enjoyed all the beautiful costumes. She got to dress up in a tutu during her ballet dance and then a different costume for both the tap and then jazz numbers. Her troupe came second in both the ballet and tap numbers and first in the jazz performance. She was just beaming for the rest of the day.