Thursday, July 22, 2010

2010 Updates

It is nearly mid way through 2010 and I'm finally catching up with some upddates. Here goes...

Dave is enjoying his business mostly, he's training to be a scout leader, is becoming very muscley and has gotten back on the Weight Watchers wagon. He's feeling pretty good about himself!!

I am finally feeling normal after the D&C I needed 7 weeks ago. We're desperate to have another baby and are so sad that we've lost our last four babies. We went to the RE (Reproductive Endocronologist sp?) and got our results back from the D&C. There was a problem with T16 which is a common reason to miscarry. The RE didn't think that there would be a problem next time. We're waiting another month and then we'll be back. It costs about $1800 a pop, so not cheap, but so worth it!!

It's my third year at my school and I'm on a year 1/2 class and really enjoying it. I'm the social committee organiser at school and thinking that I should start organising our Christmas party.

I've finished my first subject of my Masters in Education and will hopefully get back to it again soon.

On a very sad note, Joanne took her life. It still doesn't feel real!!

Joshua is about to turn 13. He wants to have a party at a Tepanyaki restaurant. He does drama with Kidz on Stage on Monday nights and after school on Thursdays. He also does Scouts on Thursday night. Friday he takes himself to a hip-hop class in the Putney Primary School hall and is absolutely loving it!! He practices his dancing as often as Sammy will let him into her room to watch himself in her floor to ceiling mirrors. They both like to dance to music in there and watch each other's moves. On Friday nights Josh sometimes goes to a youth group up at Gladesville church with some friends that he's made at school. One of the parents takes him up there and we pick him up at 9pm.

Josh has started year 7 this year and is doing really well at school. He's just managed to get his 10th certificate at school for good behaviour and wonderful assignments. He's made a few good friends and has settled down well. Toby would be his best friend at school at the moment. Josh found the assignments very overwhelming at the beginning of the year and missed a couple of projects that he ended up getting zero for. After getting him a whiteboard to help him stay organised and helping him with his homework, he has managed to get some good marks and is on his way to better organisational skills in homework tasks. He is a wonderful big brother to Sammy and Isabella.

Sammy is in year 5 and enjoying school as well. She has just had her hair cut into a bob, because of knots and issues with keeping her long hair clean and unknotty. It looks beautiful and is much easier for her to look after. She has a nice bunch of friends and is especially close to Brittnie, who has been in her class every year since year 1. I think if those girls were split up they would be devastated!! Sammy is doing Guides on Tuesday night and is doing contemporary and hip-hop dance on Wednesdays with Brittnie. I am the president of the Girl Guide support group for Gladesville. Sammy is a sensitive girl who can be easily upset but is also very intuitive, gorgeous, an avid reader and a caring sibling. She likes to cuddle with Bella, but is also very upset when her little sister breaks one of her things, which unfortunately is quite common now that they share. Sammy is still messy, but is learning to be more tidy.

Bella is at such a lovely age. She goes to Acre Wood childcare full-time and has some lovely carers there. Her favourite would be Rachel, who has followed her up from the baby room. Her favourite friends last year were Evie and Lucy. Evie has moved to another childcare closer to home, however we try and catch up with her when we can. Her new best friends are Jess and Will. On Wednesdays she does a fitness class at school called 'Mighty Mites'. The song that goes along with these lessons with 'Coach Kim' is 'Mighty Mites, happy and bright'. This is followed with some star jumps. Bella shares a room with Sammy and is still in a toddler bed. She goes to bed at about 8:30pm and takes forever to fall asleep. At about 4:30 she hops into our bed in the middle, between Daddy and Mommy. She is woken up at about 7:15 with great difficulty. Then breakfast and off to school. She always arrives at school very excited and jumps up and down as soon as she gets there.

Some family routines...

We all start the day together with breakfast. I love it!! I read the paper and we all sit and eat together. Then there is a mad rush to get out the door. I take Bella to school, Josh catches the bus (leaving the house at 7:45) and Sammy is taken to school by Dave.