Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sammy is growing up

Sammy is turning into such a beautiful young lady. She has asked me a few times if she can do her legs and I told her when she was ready to do them all the time then she could do them. Well today was that day. We bought some depilatory cream from Costco today and she used it on her legs tonight. I told her not to grow up too quickly!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Changing it up...

I'm stuck to the couch with a sleeping Hamish lying on me and the computer perched on my lap. I can't move for fear of waking him up so I thought I'd update my blog with another free background from the cutest blog on the block. Poor Hamish is still very snotty and is snuffling on me like a pig searching for truffles.
Too late!! He's awake. He just started bobbing up and down on my chest like he's in a bobbing for apples game. Very funny!! He's attached now and relatively happy.
So today was a day of catching up with housework and reorganising my craft room. Hamish slept for 3 hours today which is unheard of in this house. So I used the time wisely and tidied, spray and wiped, vacuumed, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher twice, put a load of washing on (hubby hung quite a few loads out today. In our house I'm very lucky as he is in charge of the washing. Lucky me!! A big thank you to you honey!! XXOOXX) dusted, wiped down all the photo frames in the house and changed some things around in our room (the decorative bits). Since Hamish was still sleeping after all of this I then started on the craft room. I managed to unpack the last of the cardboard boxes in there and got rid of a whole lot of rubbish.
An unused photo frame. Will change out the yellow I think.
I even managed to make a little bit of craft. Not very interesting, but I thought the kids would like to know what we're having for dinner and if anyone wanted to cook they could see what was on the menu for the week and then make something. This of course is wishful thinking, but my darling husband has started to cook more often and the two oldest are showing a smidgen of interest. Maybe this will help.
Dave got everything ready outside for him to start painting the cot tomorrow and for me to paint the inside of my scout cupboard that Dave got for me for FREE. I need it to finish my craft room, so I'm keen to get it painted.
She said this is for when she turns five. See the '5' in the middle.
Isabella LOVED having the craft stuff more accessible in the craftroom and spent a good couple of hours happily sticking bits of paper and sparkles to paper and then using the super patterned scissors to cut more paper and stick that on and then use textas to colour it all in.
A good day was had today by all! And a very productive one for me. Yay me!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quality time for new parents

Got to love a photo of our feet!!
Watching some Letterman while the little man sleeps on his dad.

Hamish has a cold

The 'Snot Sucker'.
Snuffling away on his Dad.
Hamish has a runny nose and he sounds just like a pig as far as the kids are concerned. To fix this I'm constantly sucking out the runny stuff with the 'snot sucker'!! Don't you love it's name!! The kids have also decided to decorate our tissue boxes. In the background you can see Isabella's writing on the tissue box. She wrote the letters that start our names. At the moment he's sleeping on his dad, snuffling away.


Decorating with sprinkles.
She did her hair herself.
With chocolate!
With glace cherries.
Poor Isabella is still not quite herself, so to the oven we go for some baking and a cheer up. Nothing like warm biscuits straight from the oven with a nice cup of cold milk.
The easiest and cheapest recipe I know.
120 Biscuits (It makes close to this many!)
1 cup sugar
500g butter
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
5 cups self-raising flour
1. Cream butter and sugar and then add in tin of sweetened condensed milk.
2. Mix in flour.
3. Break up into four bowls and add your choice of stuff to them.
4. Roll into teaspoon sized balls and lay on baking sheet.
5. Bake in a moderate oven for 15 minutes or until just golden.
This recipe is not very sweet so I usually add sweet things to them. Some ideas are: choc chips, cut up dates and rolled oats, roll plain balls of dough into Milo or chocolate powder, cornflakes and sultanas, half a packed of jelly crystals. It's really up to your imagination. I sometimes roll out the biscuits and put them on a baking sheet like I'm going to bake them and then I stick the whole tray in the freezer and till they are hard. I then take the biscuits and put them into freezer bags. Next time I want some freshly baked biscuits I just take out as many biscuits from the freezer as I need, put them back onto a baking sheet and let defrost for a few minutes and then bake as normal. It makes me look much more organised than I am. I always have biscuits ready to bake for company!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Along for the ride

Rugged up in the pram.
Every Tuesday I go to a physiotherapy exercise class for new mums. We concentrate on our core muscles and making sure they're all normal and strong after having a baby. There are three or four ladies that are volunteers for the class and mind the babies. Hamish does not like any of them unfortunately and spent the first two classes screaming. The ladies remembered his name from the first class and I don't think it was for his good looks. So last week my mum looked after him and he was a little better behaved. This week she is recovering from a wrist operation and so had my lovely sister along to help. How lucky am I!! Well Hamish slept the whole time. Not one peep!! I'm so grateful for their help it makes for a relaxing work out. Here is the little man wide awake on the way from the carpark to my class.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How to cheer up a sick girl

Isabella had an awful night last night. Her temperature went over 39 and we really had trouble keeping it down. Isabella came through to our room about 2:00am burning up. Poor little girl looked awful. Dave got up to get her some panadol and try to cool her down. I got up for a little bit, but by 2:30am I was exhausted and wanted to get a little bit of sleep before Hamish woke me up for his next feed. He ended up sleeping until 5:30am. Dave struggled to get her temperature down and so this morning we took her to the doctors. It's times like these that having Dave work from home are great!! I really appreciated his help in getting Isabella to the doctors. I could've done it by myself, but with Hamish along it would've been difficult trying to coordinate his feeds and looking after Bella as well. If you're reading this Dave, thanks! It was so nice having you there with me!!
Anyway Isabella has virul conjunctivitis poor thing. She's feeling a little chirpier this morning, but is not herself.
Once home I made Isabella some playdoh like I promised. This kept her happy for about an hour. Just enough time for me to clean up breakfast dishes, pack the dishwasher, clean up the playdoh mess I'd made and do a once over of the house. Hamish luckily fell asleep in the high chair while watching me make the playdoh. He was NOT happy!!

In the process of making playdoh.
Hamish complaining loudly!
See those beautiful colours.
A happy girl with washing in the background.
He fell asleep just before I finished.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

An 11 week old footprint

Hamish's foot at 11 weeks.
Hamish's footprint next to a 20c piece.
I've taken the footprints of all the kids at birth ( which ends up being at around 11 or 12 weeks because who is even aware of anything for the first 3 months!), 6 months and then a year. Poor Isabella missed out on her year footprints as I was going back to work at a new school. That time is just a blur. Anyway it was time for Hamish's footprints.I used blue paint and Dave tried to hold Hamish still while I took the prints. I think video of me trying to take the prints would've been so funny! It's seriously messy and their little hands and feet are so little and really have a life of their own. Hamish wasn't impressed in the least. A gorgeous memory of a cute little man at only 11 weeks of age. I imagine how big he's going to be one day and how little these feet will seem then.

The dining chairs

Our dining chairs.
Our dining room chairs.
This is as far as we've got with the chairs. Would you believe it but after all this time of owning these chairs I forgot that they needed material for the backs of the chairs. I've realized that I don't actually have enough material to finish them. Darn it! I'll have to go and get some more of the same material if they have any or something that will match. And why do I now have no chairs to sit on. Well poor Miss Isabella is really not well her eyes are really sore and she has a high temperature. It could be conjunctivitis, slap cheek or some other nasty bug. I have my fingers crossed that Hamish doesn't catch anything nasty. He's just too little to get sick.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A moment in time...

Saturday afternoon and the kids have done there 2 hours of raffle duty and did a great job selling raffle tickets. I did a huge grocery shop with Isabella and Hamish in the baby bjorn. We managed to fill the trolley by half way through the supermarket and then Hamish had had enough and I had to go and change him. I asked the manager if I could leave my trolley at the info counter while I took Hamish to be changed. I asked him to promise that they wouldn't start putting the stuff from my trolley back on the shelves and he said don't worry no one will touch it. I still felt weird leaving the store and hurried back. Once I got back Isabella decided she needed to go to the toilet even though I asked her at least 3 times while we were at the toilets if she was absolutely sure that she didn't need to go. Isn't that always the way!! Luckily Dave was with the oldest two selling raffle tickets just outside the store and so sent Sammy to get Bella from me and take her to the toilet. Sammy came back with Bella pretty quickly and she decided once she was there that she didn't need to go. I'm glad I didn't decide to go back down to the bathrooms because I think I would've had a mini meltdown.

Once home we had lunch and then we all did jobs around the house, except for Isabella who played so sweetly in her room and Hamish who slept peacefully. He needed to catch up on his sleep after keeping me up most of the night.

Sammy made zucchini slice for me.
Bella played in her room with Barbie.
Josh karchered off moss next to the washing line.
Hamish slept quietly. Yay!
Isn't he adorable!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Josh - Scout Patrol Leader

In his Scout uniform.
Dave in his Scout uniform.
Thursday night is Scouts and for a couple of hours I am without Dave, Josh and Sammy. Josh came home tonight with a white woggle because he is a patrol leader and has completed a leadership course. We're so proud of him! Dave is the scout leader and looks pretty cute in his uniform too.

Sleeping sweetly

Just like an angel.
Hamish has fallen asleep at 8pm which is a very respectable time for a baby. Hopefully he'll stay asleep long enough for Isabella and me to have a nice warm bath together. We both need to warm up because it is miserable, cold and wet outside. He looks seriously cute while he's sleeping!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Isabella at the Dentist

Isabella went to see Dentist Sam this afternoon. She first got to watch Josh having his appointment and saw that going to the dentist is not too bad. There was a TV on the ceiling to watch, she got to wear cool sunglasses and also a bib. She ended up being so excited when it was her turn. I was so pleased that she is okay with visiting the dentist!

Recovering dining chairs

A lovely grey for our chairs.
We've had too much red in our house for some time and so I'm trying slowly to tone it down. That meant that our red dining chairs needed a little face lift. We both went and chose the material at Spotlight and decided on a dark grey. We need to think of the kids and what will hide the dirt well - so something dark will work. I've recovered the chairs 3 times now and they've gone from light to dark. It cost $44 for the material which is not too bad.  I'll post before and after pics soon. Here is the material we chose.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The End of the School Holidays

The end of the school holidays of course
coincides with student free day. So this meant that I was off to North Ryde Public to do a presentation on Video Conferencing with Hamish in tow! I was a little worried about how he would behave especially after the grumbling he did when I first arrived 40 minutes early. I had been asked to present at the Staff Development Day before I had Hamish and said I would if I could bring Hamish with me. I was prepared to do it for nothing, or rather I didn't actually think that I would be paid, it just didn't cross my mind, so to say I was happy to be paid for the day would be an understatement!! It seemed to go well. Wendy and I really work well together and were able to interrupt each other smoothly throughout the presentation.

Since I was all dressed up with no where to go afterwards I got the kids to get themselves ready quickly when I got home so that we could all walk up to our local park. They all scootered there including Isabella. She got a little frustrated that she couldn't go as fast as Josh and Sammy, but she still enjoyed herself. Josh and Sammy were very sweet with her when we got to the park and they played with her so nicely. Of course Hamish slept like a baby in the baby bjorn. He just LOVES it!! It's like a sleeping pill for him. I put him in and he'll invariably fall asleep in a matter of minutes. So wonderful, but he's also getting so heavy too. By the time we got back home I had been holding him in the baby bjorn for a total of 4 hours. Three of them were while I was at the school and then another hour at the park. It's just like weight lifting. I hope it's helping me lose those last few pesky kilos.

My three lovelies!
Once we got back home I woke Hamish to feed him and change his nappy and then I took the kids up to Top Ryde City for a last holiday afternoon tea. We visited the food court and Dunkin Donuts was open. So donuts and milkshakes it was. The older two had lime milkshakes. I still remember always asking for green milkshakes as a child. It was my favourite flavour for milkshakes. In Australia its quite rare to find a place that will make green milkshakes. I just had a skinny latte. I'm on a mission to get back into my pre-preggo clothes and I'm getting there slowly. Yay for me!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Smiling for Daddy

Smiling so sweetly.
Dave got some lovely gurgles and smiles from our gorgeous son and I actually managed to get a photo.

Our new car!

We've finally bought a new car (new for us) that fits all 6 of us. No more taking two cars to get any where! Yay! It's a Kia Carnival and silver. It's also manual. It had a few split seams that I was able to fix and after some steam cleaning loving it looks pretty good!
Here are some before and after pics!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oliver Browns

We decided after Sammy got her birthday pedicure that we would go out for afternoon tea. Where else but Oliver Browns! We had two fondues for two to share and real hot chocolates. It was enjoyed immensely and very quickly by all.

Oliver Browns was delicious!

Keeping Hamish happy

Isabella has been standing on the chair next to me to talk to Hamish who is on the dining room table. She's been getting him to smile. Too cute! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sammy got her birthday pedicure

Sammy got her pedicure today using her birthday voucher while Josh, Bella and I pushed Hamish around in the pram at Top Ryde City. She is getting so grown up! It won't be long until she's officially a teenager.
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Sammy at the dentist

Sammy is back from her dad's place in time to see the dentist. It's a new dentist and his name is Sam. He seems nice. My old dentist is too far away now that there are four kids to ferry around. I saw Mark yesterday and touch wood have no holes. Yay!She also has no holes!! We're going to get a referral to an orthodontist and she just needs a clean today. She's being super brave!Now fluoride and the her beautiful smile is done!! No dentist for another 6 months and the health fund covered the whole lot so it didn't cost a cent! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Holidays without Sammy and Josh

The house always seems empty when Sammy and Josh are staying at their dads place. It's now also noticeable by Bella! So I decided to try and make the time without Josh and Sammy fun. Bella missed her big brother and sister but we coped. Stuff just wasn't as much fun without them.
We went scootering, but got bored quickly without Josh racing past and Sammy going ahead a little and then coming back. The flying fox that was so much fun with Josh helping ended up giving Bella a bleeding lip. Poor little thing!! We tried to cheer up by going and getting afternoon tea.
It seemed to work. But since Hamish takes up so much of my time at the moment Bella really misses her older siblings. I try to be fun but I don't really succeed. We did manage to do some baking and craft as well , but the best news of all was finding out that Josh and Sammy were coming home early. Yay!!BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop