Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sneak peak of furniture

I'm almost finished some of my office/craft room freebies. I thought you might like to see a sneak peak.
My chair as you can see is black and my one cupboard is black and the other one is blue. What colour should I do my desk? I'm not sure if I go blue, black, white or try and strip it back to wood? Also the blue on the material is dark and the blue paint is light and kind of greyish. So many decisions and so many projects to do before Christmas!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saturday dress rehearsal and then the big Concert

On Saturday Sammy was taken to both dress rehearsals by Sandra and I am forever grateful. I would never be able to take the kids to all their activities without such great friends to help with pick ups and drops off (with my sanity intact). So on Saturday after already having Sammy for a sleepover the night before and taking Sammy all the way to Lindfield for a dress rehearsal and then bringing her all the way back home so that she could have lunch Sandra then offered to take her back to the venue for her next rehearsal before the evening performance. It was so appreciated!!
The girls arrived from the first rehearsal looking so cute in their black tutus and I couldn't wait to see them all dressed up for the concert.
Back from rehearsal in their black tutus.
Rhapsody Studios always put on great concerts and we weren't disappointed. The choreography really showed off the girls dance skills and their costumes were wonderfully theatrical. The girls had so much fun playing dress-ups, doing their hair and putting make-up on and they looked so grown-up. I can't believe my little girl is almost a teenager. Before too long I think that Sammy and her friends will be wearing make-up on a regular basis. I hope not too soon!
After the concert the girls were well and truly pumped up and it took a while for them to calm down. Unfortunately as soon as the concert was over we had to take the older two up to their dad's place and try and find them some dinner on the way. That always means junk food. Yuck! Luckily my parents offered to take Isabella to their place for a sleepover so that we didn't have to drag her along for the almost 3 hour round trip and it also gave me a chance to have a much needed 'serious' talk with my ex without having to worry about Isabella being awake or asleep.
With the flower we gave her after the performance.
Cool man in his hat.
By the time Dave and I got home we were exhausted and it was close to midnight! Too late for someone who gets woken up during the night!
Waiting for the concert to start. Hot and no airconditioning!

Feeding Hamish Vegies

Josh is such a great helper and after we came back from our cafe trip he helped to feed Hamish so that I could get ourselves organised and packed to go and watch Sammy's end of year dance concert. He didn't feed Hamish standing up the whole time. He found himself a chair to sit after realising that his brother spits out half of what goes in and that feeding him was going to take a lot longer than he thought. Hamish loved being fed by his big brother!
I love this photo. Josh is so big compared to Hamish!

Saturday dance lessons and a first time treat for Josh

Aren't they so handsome!
Usually on Saturday mornings it's just Dave or I that take Isabella to dance class. Sometimes we do it together. Those are nice days where Dave and I have a quick breakfast (dance class used to be 45 minutes and has only recently changed to one hour now that she's gone up a level) a proper cup of coffee, sometimes a little read of the paper and a chat while I feed Hamish. He always seems to need to be fed at the same time as me!! We haven't let on to Isabella that we're enjoying treats away from dance class or I'm sure that she'll want to come with us!
Josh and Sammy have been spending most Friday nights to Saturday night with their dad which has really disrupted our lives. Luckily from this weekend we're going back to fortnightly Fridays and Saturdays and fortnightly Monday afternoons. That means that the kids will still see their dad weekly but without so much disruption to our lives.
Tucking into bacon and eggs.
Anyway Sammy had a sleepover on Friday night and so on Saturday morning there was just Josh to take along for a treat. (Dave was grateful for an hour of peace and quiet!)We quickly dropped Isabella at dance class with her brand new dance shoes (she was VERY excited to finally have proper jazz and tap shoes!) and we walked up to a local cafe for breakfast. I was happy to just have a cup of tea as I'd already eaten breakfast. So I fed Hamish and Josh got to have eggs and bacon and a milkshake. It was so nice to have my boys with me. I'm sure it won't be long before Josh's social calendar is filled on the weekends and visits to a local cafe with mum are few and far between.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lovely Friends!

Today I went to hang out with my new friend Carolyn for a mummy playdate. She is so easy to talk to and be around that I feel like I've known her for years. We hung out at her place and had tea and some delicious brownie muffins that she'd cooked while our two girls, Princess Isabella and Princess Jessica played together. They both had many outfit changes as usual (I think that the dress-up box is well-used when we visit) and held on tightly to their mobile phones (old non-working ones of course) just like us mummies and even did some craft for a while (they played with the hama beads but quickly got bored). Poor Will wanted to hang around with the girls and they put up with him to some extent. I felt sorry for him as it'll still be a couple more years before Hamish is any fun to be around. Hamish was happy to sit in his pram in the shade and watch the others eat their peanut butter sandwiches made with freshly baked bread. Isn't Carolyn great!

Carolyn and I had a long conversation about bread makers as funnily enough we had both used the same bread mixture within 12 hours of each other. There must be something in the air! My bread wasn't nearly as nice as hers and my bread maker makes loaves half the size of hers. I'll have to play around with the bread maker as Dave and the kids loved the bread even though it wasn't great. A bit of an incentive to make bread again!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pavement find

I love council pick up time when everyone puts their junk on the side of the road to be thrown away. It's like Christmas time!! Well last time I was able to get my very patient husband to go and pick up some chairs I had seen on the side of the road that I wanted to recover. They're closer to being finished today. I took the staples out of one of the seats and as I type my wonderful husband is taking the staples out of the other one. It took me a lot of muscle to do one seat and I am very grateful that he's doing the second one. Here's a peek at the seat frame I did before I took off the webbing. It was an awful job!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rockdale and Kernell

On Saturday we decided to go to The Heritage Building Centre in Rockdale to see if we could find some glass handles for the cupboard that I painted. I've seen some handles that I like and now I'm trying to find them. No luck so far! I also don't want to buy them off ebay until I've had a chance to hold them in my hand and find out if I actually still like them. So at the moment I'm just exploring places that many sell them. The Heritage Building Centre was like a treasure cave, but everything was seriously overpriced. Dave and I love 'The Pickers' (an American show on TV about two guys who scrounge for old things and then sell them for a profit) and this place is like one of the properties that they visit. It's full of interesting stuff. Unfortunately it's already been picked and a hefty price tag has been attached. Pooey! We didn't find the handles that I wanted!
So while we were in Rockdale we decided to get something for morning tea. Everyone was hungry and when we saw a little cafe with cute cupcakes on display and a parking out the front for our huge bus we quickly pulled in. I was sure they were closed as no-one was in there. But as we approached we realised that they were open and they had a shopful of treats to choose from. Yummy! They're called 'Cupcake Dolly' and unfortunately they don't have a website but they're on Rocky Point Road in Ramsgate and really cute. Sammy had the Tirimisu cupcake, Bella had the Chocolate, Dave had the Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcake (really!) and Josh and I had little dessert cup each. We had coffees and drinks and Hamish chewed quietly on his pram buckles while we decided where to go next. Dave decided that we should go and visit Captain Cook's landing site in Kernell. I can honestly say that I didn't know anything about Kernell and although I wasn't excited about the prospect of a history lesson on a Saturday afternoon I ended up enjoying myself and so did the kids. I think they may have even learnt something!
Me and my Greek Rice Pudding. Yum!
Sucking on his strap.
A pudding called Chocolate Dirt.
Peanut and Jelly Cupcake.
She ate all the icing first!

Josh being silly for me!
Holding up the Cenotaph at Kernell.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Visit from Nanny and Poppy

Nanny and Poppy arrived on our doorstep today with the much anticipated rocking horse. When I picked Isabella up from daycare today the first thing she asked was if Nanny and Poppy had arrived with the horse. She has decided to name her horse 'SnowDrop'. Once we got home she almost ran from the car to see Nanny and Poppy. It was just adorable to see. She was a little nervous when she first got on the horse but I know that won't last long. Thank you so much Dad for all your hard work. The rocking horse is just beautiful and will be loved dearly by Isabella and Hamish for many years to come.

I needed to empty the dishwasher and give the kitchen a little tidy before we went out and feed Hamish. I managed to get Poppy to feed Hamish his lovely pumpkin, rice cereal and hot water concoction for dinner while I had both hands free to clean the kitchen. What a great help it was!

We decided to take Nanny and Poppy out to dinner at Ikea and Isabella held onto Poppy's hand all the way around the store. At one stage Poppy hid and Isabella thought that she had lost him. She then held his hand even more tightly. When we got back Poppy and Nanny read Isabella a story and put her to bed. She was just in her element tonight. Tomorrow we're off to the park...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dining room change

I've been thinking of painting our dining room table for a while and luckily Dave's now come around to the idea. I found this table at Freedom with the exact same shape as ours. Now I just need to find some time to actually do it. I'm still finishing some other furniture make-overs so it will have to wait a little longer.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally some kisses!

It's taken a while for me to organise the photos from our Coffs Harbour trip onto picassa so that I can play around with them. I'm trying really hard to make the files and photos easier to find on my computer which of course has taken me extra time, but hopefully will mean less time in the long term. I actually went and wrote a description for each folder of photos all the way back to 2007!! You'll either be extremely impressed or a little sad for me that my life revolves around such mindless organisation. Either way here are the photos of all those seal and dolphin kisses from our time away.

The Porpoise Pool was worth every cent just for these moments! Hamish got kissed by the dolphin, but I think that he thought he was going to be eaten. He had the biggest look of surprise on his face just after the kiss. It was very funny.