Monday, January 30, 2012

Back from our holiday and ready for school

We've been away for a week of rest and relaxation, no computers, minimal TV and electronics (the kids were allowed to use electronics for a short period of quiet time at night) and lots of craft, walks, meals out and time spent together. It was wonderful!

I'll put together photos very soon I promise, but I'm trying to get three children ready for school. Two of them are starting new schools and one of them is starting school for the first time. So lots of change!!

This year is going to be very busy with settling all the kids into new routines, keeping up with menu planning which has been on hold while on holiday, keeping up with my new running routine, reading (I'm up to my third book of the year), getting my craft day organised (I'm going to be holding a craft day at home with friends [old and new] on Thursdays) and generally trying to finish all those half finished projects.

Here's to 2012!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Date night and a cup of sadness

Yesterday I finally had my hair done after quite an extended break from my hairdresser. Diana had a break over Christmas and then Hamish was sick and because she's newly pregnant I had to cancel the appointment. I didn't want her getting sick in her first trimester.  I managed to make another appointment for this week. But it's felt like the longest break ever!!I also discovered that I'm incredibly grey. And that is an understatement! I was running out of 'hair' options to hide my crown of white. Now my hair has not decided to behave itself and go grey gracefully. No. It looks like someone tipped grey paint on the top of my head in a splotch and that it is slowly oozing down my head. Sort of like a growing fungii. Gross.

After Diana left I felt myself again. Yay for small pleasures.

I packed Isabella up for an overnight stay at Granny's house, packed the car (who hates doing this?) and raced over to catch up with my mum and sister for a cup of tea before leaving Isabella for the night. My mum tries to take the grand-kiddies one at a time for a sleepover over the holidays. They absolutely love this. Isabella's turn was last night. That meant that there was just Dave, Hamish and myself left and my 'just done' hair. What more are you going to do with 'just done' hair than go out. So we went out for a grown-up meal in a proper restaurant at 'Hurricane' in Top Ryde.
Overflowing 'cup of sadness' yummy goodness!
And the finished product. : )
We both had divine steaks and a glass of wine. Hamish behaved beautifully and smiled at all the wait staff as they walked by our table. Most of them stopped and cooed at him, which of course made him smile even more. My little baby tried steak for the first time and LOVED it. He had red juice running down both elbows, and a vice like grip on his piece of steak with both hands. Very cute. We ummed and ahhed about having dessert there, but there wasn't anything worth having. They hadn't changed their dessert menu since we were last there and because I can't have any gluten there was only ice-cream and chocolate sauce for me. I said to Dave that we could go home and have ice-cream and a cuppa rather than fork out extra money at the restaurant AND we could watch a movie. So we went home.

I put Hamish to bed.

The chocolate munchies started and after eating about 3 handfuls of chocolate chips while searching the cupboard for inspiration I decided to google 'chocolate cake in a mug'. Well I came across a recipe for something called 'A cup of sadness' and after reading the post I had to make the recipe. I substituted the flour for 'gluten free' flour, but left everything else as is. I cooked it for 1 and 1/2 minutes and tested it with a fork and then cooked it for another 30 seconds. I then piled it high with ice-cream plus more ice-cream on the side and put a little bit of frozen berries on mine. I don't know how this recipe could only be for one, because it made two small bowls of sadness and then I couldn't even finish mine. So rich! Dave and I decided that this was the best chocolate cake in a bowl ever. You've got to try it. Yummo!

Thank you ladies over at 'Some Kitchen Stories', you are amazing. Here is the recipe.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ikea craft

Waiting to be ironed so that they will stick together.
Isabella creating three at once. None finished!
The last two days have seen the girls doing craft stuff I love it!! Here's Sammy's lovely creations. And here is Isabella's craft creations.

Sick again...

Hamish had an awful night last night with waking. I forgot how hard it was without any sleep. Well when I finally opened my eyes in the morning I noticed that Hamish had a little rash on his face and his arms. I lifted his shirt and there it was too. So I showered quickly, text my hairdresser Diana, who is 14 weeks pregnant to let her know that it wasn't a good idea for her to come over to do my hair and then rang the doctor to make an appointment. I could only get in at 12:45pm. The doctor thinks it is either Roseola or a reaction to the amoxicillin that he was given when we went to the doctors last week. I got a 2nd opinion and it looks to be Roseola. So no hairdresser appointment for me and the kids are missing out on seeing their dad. It should only last a couple of days. So hopefully we can drop them at their dad's house on Sunday.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Menu Plan Wednesday

I found this last week very easy as far as meals go. How nice to know exactly what we were having for dinner and what I needed to grab from the shop or get Dave to get on the way home. No more wondering what to eat for dinner or trying to answer the 'What's for dinner?' question while blankly staring into the open fridge hoping for inspiration.

So here is week 2:

Thursday: Shepard's pie and salad
Friday: Omellette and salad
Saturday: Going out for dinner. Yay!
Sunday: Breakfast for dinner. Bacon and eggs
Monday: Roast and vegies. I'm hoping that David will cook the roast. Fingers crossed. ; )
Tuesday: Left overs.
Wednesday: Satay chicken skewers, rice and salad

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fitness begins

I downloaded the couch to 5 K run app quite a few months ago and I've been procrastinating waiting for the perfect opportunity to begin it. Well I managed to talk Josh into doing it with me. So tonight we started. We walked and ran for 2.65km in 26 min. I'm guessing we will improve. Well I hope we will. No I know we will!! Positive thinking of course. I don't have any photos of us running or walking as I don't want to show off our incrediblysweatymuscly bodies.

Chocolate Monopoly set. Sorry about the grainy photo!
So here is a photo of us playing chocolate monopoly instead. Josh was nice enough to share it with us. You win the chocolate and then get to eat it as you go. Josh decided that it would be fairer to wait until the end of the game and then share the chocolate out fairly. What a sweet boy I have.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Art of the Brick

Waiting for the ferry.
Today we went to the city to see 'The Art of the Brick' at the townhall exhibition centre. It was a Lego exhibition.

We were running a little late leaving the house to drive to the ferry wharf and luckily found parking right at the wharf. Great stuff. We ended up being right on time and only had to wait for a few minutes before the ferry arrived. Every Sunday you can get family tickets for $2.50 for each person to travel on public transport in Sydney as many times as you like. That means our travel only cost $12.50 (Hamish was free) return today. Yay for cheap travel. Because there are so many of us everything seems to always add up and become quite expensive.
Hamish in his hat.

Cheeky boy.
Two trays to feed us all.
Of course I had booked for us to go to the Lego at 1:00pm and the ferry left the wharf at 12pm which meant that we didn't have any lunch before we went. A quick visit to the Golden Arches (McDonalds) was called for on our walk from Circular Quay to Townhall. We all woofed down the food and made it to the Townhall not long after 1:00pm. Good timing again. We had to do a pit-stop at another Maccas on the way to visit the bathrooms because Isabella gives us about 2 minutes to find a toilet when she has to go.
Isabella, "I''m busting."
Me, "You mean you have to go right now."
Isabella, "I'm busting."
Me, "Can you wait?"
Isabella, "I have to go now Momma."
Me, "Do you think you're going to have an accident?"
Isabella nods.
Josh with Lego man.
Mum with Lego man.
Dave and I posing with Lego couple.

Sammy as Lego swimmer.
Bella as Lego man.
I then proceed to yell at Dave that I've got to take Isabella to the bathroom and can he meet me outside the Maccas (which is a block away). While I'm running and dragging Isabella along the road I'm also dealing with Josh and Sammy who also now need to go to the toilet. It was very funny.

We arrived relatively calmy to the Townhall exhibition and took a ton of photos with the kids and us posing with the Lego sculptures. A lot of fun and giggling was had by all. We then had a half hour wait to do the 'playing with Lego' part of our day. I brought textas and a book full of masks for the kids to colour in, Dave played on his Iphone and I fed Hamish.
Playing with the Lego.
Two of my boys.

The playing part of the day was a lot of fun. They had challenges for the kids to do. The first challenge was to build the tallest tower. Parents were allowed to help. I'm sorry to say we didn't even get a placing. My fault really. It's been some time since I played with Lego. They then had to build a car to race. Dave helped the kids, except for Isabella who wanted to do it all by herself. I love 5 year olds. So fiercely independent. Josh and Sammy's cars went okay and then Isabella had her turn along with a little boy who also had made his himself. They were the only two kids who hadn't listened to the instructions of building their cars at least 20cm long. A bit hard to tell children that don't even know what 1cm is to build something bigger. Both of their cars fell apart on the way down and there were quite a few tears from Isabella. After we told her that she'd done a great job for someone who'd never built a car before she was a lot better. It probably helped that we had a Japanese hip-hop come skipping group to watch just outside the Queen Victoria Building. They were amazing to watch. We also took the kids out for afternoon tea.
Afternoon tea of scones and iced chocolate.

On the way back to the ferry wharves over at Circular Quay we had to stop at the Apple store. Everyone had fun playing with the Iphones, the Ipads and the notebooks. It is a very cool looking store.
Next to the Christmas tree.
A very tired Hamish holding on to his toy.

Back home by 6:00pm exhausted but happy.

Books read 2012

Book number 1.
For the last couple of years I've been making reading a New Years Resolution as I just don't seem to find time to read!! This year I've decided to up the books I read to 24. That's a book every 2 weeks. I usually find that I fit my reading into the school and Christmas holidays. This year I'm going to try reading before going to bed and in quiet moments. Today I read a little on the ferry back home while Hamish was sleeping and the other kids were on the top deck of the ferry admiring the view of the Harbour. Well here is book number one: 1.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bake bake bake

Today I used my favorite biscuit recipe from the Simple Saving site to bake some biscuits. I also used my new Diptic app to put the photos together. The favorites of the day were the nutella and choc-chip ones.
The Recipe

500g butter
1 cup sugar
1 can sweetened condensed milk
5 cups self-raising flour

1. Cream butter and sugar.
2. Add milk and flour.
3. Divide into 4 bowls.
5. Add whatever you want to each bowl.
6. Bake in preheated moderate oven for 10 minutes.
I added half a cup of nutella and choc-chips to one batch, half a cup of peanut butter to another, a teaspoon of vanilla and a pecan on top of each rolled biscuit to another, I wrapped the rest in glad wrap in logs and stuck them in the fridge for later.

Nutella and chic-chip cookies
Nutella and choc-chips biscuits
Peanut butter biscuits
Peanut butter biscuits
Pecan and vanilla biscuits
Vanilla and pecan nut biscuits

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spots and dots

Hamish's rash
Spots and dots on my poor Hamish.
Hamish has been sick since the 31st of December and just when I thought he was on the mend I woke this morning to find him covered in a rash. Luckily I could get an appointment at the doctors. The outcome of that is that he's now on amoxil(an antibiotic).

I got a new app today called Diptic that a friend of mine put me onto over at her blog, The diary of a mother hen. Go and check out Jenny's blog. You'll have to scroll down to her post about all her 'diptics' that she's created.

So I can now give you three photos in one of his rash. How lucky are you!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Menu Plan January 5-11

My New Years Eve resolution was to write a menu plan each week. Well here is this coming weeks:

Monday: scrambled egg on toast with smoked salmon
Tuesday: beef curry and brown rice
Wednesday: frittata and salad
Thursday: chicken burritos
Friday: baked beans on toast
Saturday: Buffallo wings and saladMarinated chicken wings and drumettes
Sunday: bread dipped in egg with tomato

I just realised that I've started on Monday but I should've started on Thursday. Never mind. I think you get the picture. I'll probably need to include a left over day, but it'll probably be used up on weekend lunches.

New School Shoes

Today I decided that since I'd been paid and wasn't expecting to be I'd go and do the ol back to school shop. We did school shoes first and Isabella had a smile on her face from ear to ear. She was so excited about her first pair of school shoes. My baby is growing up so quickly!!

Smiling at her shoes.
Option 2 shoe. She chose the first pair.
Sammy was also excited about her shoes for high school- they were her first pair of lace up school shoes. They also both got a pair of sneakers. We then went and got lunch boxes, stationery and socks and undies. An expensive day, but a lot of happy children.
Hamish has not been well since New Years Eve with high temperatures. We ended up going to the emergency pediatric department at the Royal North Shore Hospital because his temps were still really high on the 2nd of January and we had trouble keeping them down. Today he still had a temp in the mid 38s, but was a little more himself and even ate a little food. My poor little baby!! Today was the first time that I'd been able to take him out of the house and he slept most of the time we were out. Pretty unusual for him, so I know he's not quite himself. The Dr at the hospital said that he'd improve by day 5 and he is thank goodness.
He fell asleep sitting upright. Poor baby.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sick baby

A shocker of a photo of me. My little sick man.
Here I lie on the very first day of the new year with my little man who woke about 20 minutes ago and was burning up with a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius. It's 3:08am and I've given him medicine and am trying to cool him with a flannel...

One and a half hours later and he's still awake but much cooler. I think the panadol really hyped him up. I wonder how much sugar they put in it. He's feeding now and hopefully nearly ready to go back to sleep. I know I could really sleep now!! And television at 4:30am is full of info - mercials, sport and music videos. So nothing interesting to watch. : (

Hopefully he's not coming down with anything awful. I really worry with temperatures when they're so little and it makes me feel so helpless when they're still hot after medicine and cool flannels on their heads, hands and feet.

He's close to sleeping now...

And it's 4:40am...

Maybe I'll be back in bed by 5:00am...