Friday, March 23, 2012

A Lego Mat

I've kept hold of a box of Lego that has been hanging around our house for years. It usually comes out when we have visitors and each time I take it out I'm reminded how difficult it is to pack it away, how much it hurts when you step on a stray piece of Lego and how the box that it's in is just not doing the trick. The Lego only just fit in the box and because the box has handy handles, bits of Lego would inevitably escape through those handy handle holes.

Last week I was given a couple of dinosaur doona covers for a single bed. Hamish is a long way off using a bed and it was a lot of free fabric. I decided that I would cut up one to make into a Lego mat. It looks great! The Lego is now nice and tidy, hanging from a hook on the top of our bookcase.

I've done a step by step photo tutorial below. Pretty much I folded the fabric in half, quarters and then eighths and then cut it in an arc. I hemmed it and measured the circumference of the circle and then bought 5.5m of blue cord and a toggle. I used a safety pin to thread the cord through the hem. Attached the toggle and then tied the cord afterwards. Tipped the Lego into the middle of the mat and then pulled on the cord to tighten the bag around the Lego. Hung the bag up. Simple!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cleaning is bad for your health!

Running around cleaning this morning I picked up a cloth that I had left on the ironing board yesterday. I had used it to clean the iron with some new iron cleaning stuff. It worked really great on the iron!

So I thought I had washed my hands well but apparently not as well as I thought. I rubbed my eye and my eye started hurting a lot. I rinsed it under the tap but it was burning more so I got David to rinse my eye out. It was very red and it looked like it had a blister on my eye. I called the community nurse number and she thought I should go into emergency.

At the triage counter the nurse sent Me straight through and had a litre of saline squirted into my eye. Not comfortable at all! The doctor then checked the ph level of my eye which was at a 9 and considered quite high. To do this he stuck a piece of paper on my eye. Ouch. He wasn't happy with how much moisture he managed to take from my eye so he did it again. Double ouch.

Then more irrigation. More wet hair and ear and everything else. I think I left with a very clean ear. The doctor then put yellow dye in my eye to check that my cornea (the see through bit on the top of your eye) wasn't damaged. It wasn't luckily, but it does make you realise how quickly you could lose your eye sight. Scary.

We're getting eye drops from the chemist and a take away coffee to cheer me up and then we're off home. Eye is still stinging but much better than before. When I got to the hospital it felt like my eye was on fire. Not nice.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wizzy world

This morning we had planned to go to the Harry Potter exhibition at the Power House in the city. The only problem was that when we tried to get tickets on-line for today they were sold out. Frustrating. David booked and paid for the tickets for next weekend so we don't miss out altogether. I was disappointed and so were the kids. So what do we do today? We didn't really know. I googled 'what's on today in Sydney' and found a few things on but nothing that excited us. So after Hamish woke up from his nap we got in the car and went exploring. First off we went to Roseville Chase to check out the national ark under the bridge. Very wet. And no coffee. Not so good for us that needed a caffeine boost to get through the rest of the day. Hamish started getting cranky because of his teeth and so we stopped at the closest place to where we were for some afternoon tea. Whizzy World. It was noisy and full of stinky, sweaty children but there was coffee and a relatively comfy spot for our bottoms while the younger ones happily played. Bliss for parents. Josh and Sammy were less than impressed. We sweetened them up with cordial and biscuits.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New hair dos

Sammy has been asking me for a couple of weeks to have her hair cut. She desperately wanted a fringe again. The last time she had a fringe was when she was about 4. I was worried that she'd change her mind and then have to spend ages growing it out. Well after a couple of weeks of badgering by her I finally succumbed to the pressure and let her have it done. It cost  $10 and made her very happy. She also looks gorgeous with a fringe and SO much older. She suddenly looks 16! How did I end up with such a gorgeous girl!
My beautiful girls.

Josh's hair seems to have a life of its own. It just grows so quickly! I wish my hair would grow quickly. Since I had Hamish and a ton of my hair fell out I've been waiting for it to grow back. It's finally starting to grow, but it looks like baby hair and Hamish is now 10 months old. So you can see how I would be getting impatient. Well Josh's hair has been getting curlier and curlier the older he gets. He really doesn't like his curls at the moment and always wants it cut really short. Maybe one day he'll appreciate the curl and grow himself a huge afro. But in the meantime we try and keep on top of it by keeping it very short. That way the curl can't be seen. Josh is also looking very old. And what a lovely young man he is growing into.

Josh with his newly cut hair.


I've been trying to organise a craft day on a Thursday since last year and it really hasn't gotten off the ground. Part of the problem has been this stinking weather and then the other part of the problem is crafty stuff is just plain old daggy! But I LOVE it!!

So over the last two weeks I've made some stray twine covered balls and a recovered a couple of cushions. I'm very happy with what they look like and the way they've made my home a little more homely!

Here are the photos.

Twine covered styrofoam balls Cushion covers Little cushion

Sunday, March 4, 2012

French macarons

I had a wonderful friend offer to make chocolate macarons with me last Thursday. The weather really sucked and so they weren't wonderful, but luckily the company was. Macarons I even froze the finished product and then ate them the next day. Just gooey and sweet. Good but not a macaron. I WILL somehow create the perfect macarons before the end of the year. It is one of my new years resolutions after all. Chocolate macarons

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Craft and firsts

Today Isabella was drawing beautiful pictures for the family and also wanted to write some letters and numbers which we worked through together. Letters and numbers
She needed a box to put her precious things in. Thank goodness for cereal boxes!! They make perfect boxes for precious pieces of paper and are fairly easy to cover and decorate. We used contact I had lying around from covering school books, ribbon I had from making hair clips and a little person we tore off of a greeting card. Cereal box creation
And with all of that business Hamish has decided that learning to crawl is a waste of time and he is now standing at every available opportunity. That means when I put him down to sleep he's like a jack-in-the-box and a spring loaded one at that! It took 2 hours to get him down last night. Such a fun game standing up in the cot. He stands, can't work out how to get down, screams until someone saves him and lies him down and then up he gets again. He thought it was very funny. Me, not so much. Standing up

Yesterday was the first time Hamish crawled properly for a distance. I think it was because he had a play date with an older friend who has the crawling thing down pat. They were very cute together and I'm sure will be great mates. They'll be going to the same school when they're finally ready in another 4 years or so. I'm sure the time will fly by. Hamish