Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our introduction to Au Pairs

Holidays are almost upon us and the entertaining will need to begin. So before I even start thinking about that I guess I need to look at what has happened over the last 4 months!!

I guess the first thing to see is the completion of the office into bedroom make-over. The kids are already discussing who is going to have the extra bedroom when our time of au pairs comes to an end! I think that Bella is keen to live downstairs in Sarah/Signe's room. We'll see...

Bella standing next to Sarah's bed.
Queen bed, chest of drawers, bedside tables, lamps, mirror.
A small desk, CD player and now a TV and DVD player.
The bedroom has a queen size bed, two bedside tables, new lamps (not in the photos), a chest of drawers, shelves (not photographed), a wardrobe (not photographed) a small desk, chair and lamp, a cd and dvd player and TV. I think it is quite warm and inviting and hopefully both Sarah and Signe have felt that it is 'home'. Signe did say that the bed was very comfortable which is a good thing!

We've had two au pairs, both lovely girls who have loved my family like their own. It's made life so much easier to deal with knowing that Hamish is happy and well looked after. What is an au pair and where on Earth do you find one you ask? Well we went to aupairworld and put up our own little profile and then began the searching. What a funny way to find an au pair, but what a rewarding experience it's been for our family!! The older two kids have both seen that young people can travel the world after finishing school and NOT settle down quickly and have babies. I hope that they learn a little about how the world works, learn to live with people that are from different cultures and have an understanding that we are not so different from each other. Hopefully there will be lots of other lessons that they learn along the way.

Playing playdoh with Bella.
First we had Sarah stay for four months. A pretty young girl from Canada who taught us what it was to be an au pair and how to live with someone in your house that is there to help out with the kids. A steep learning curve if ever there was one. We all survived though and hopefully will continue to keep in touch!!
This is the first photo we had of Sarah on the left.
We took her to Canberra, Cockatoo Island and the Museum of Contemporary Art to see the Biennale. We went to the park, out to restaurants, visiting my family, grocery shopping, joined the local library and opened a bank account and I took her to my school to see the ducklings that were hatching. I even took her along to a teachers strike day in the city. I'm sure a very strange thing to see!
A picnic at Putney Park.

Meeting ducklings at my school.
We really enjoyed having her and were sad to see her go. It really seemed that after 4 months of having Sarah around she was really an integral part of the family and it was very strange to see her go. Even more so since Sarah and Signe had a week where they were both in our house. I wonder how they will both remember the time that they had with us when they have families of their own one day. I imagine when their children are twenty somethings that these funny stories of staying with an Australian family will come out!

Next will be the story of Signe...