Friday, January 18, 2013

June 2012

More certificates. We're so proud!
Dressed up for a Ball.
Hamish's first play-doh experience.
Sarah and Isabella playing.

Sammy and Josh giving Hamish tips.
The view from the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Josh trying to work out the ribbon art.
After school we got to play with freshly made play-doh which Hamish loved! I think the others loved it too, even Sarah! Isabella got more certificates. What a beautiful smile on her face! We were invited to a Ball where we got to dress up and boogie the night away. Don't we look smart! During the school holidays we went exploring Sydney. While poor David was working we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art and got to play with some of the installations and even have afternoon tea overlooking the Opera House. I think Sarah and the kids enjoyed the city visit.
The cousins having lunch at Questacon.
Hand prints at Questacon.
We visited Canberra in June with Sarah and caught up with Brenton, Annabella, Lucy and Henry and got to visit Questacon and just got to hang around together. This month my little Sammy became a fully fledged teenager by turning 13! She had a wonderful pampering birthday party with robes and face masks and most importantly of all, a chocolate fountain! She loved every minute!

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  1. Love the photo of Hamish with the playdough. He is such a little man now.