Friday, January 18, 2013

March 2012

Isabella completed 'Jellyfish' level.
Fringe about to be cut.
And after. Beautiful Sammy!

Haircut for Josh too.
Hamish has started to cruise around and the playpen had to come out.
Wobbly steps with the help of Daddy.
March brought changes with it. Sammy decided to get a fringe which really suits her and looks beautiful! Josh likes his hair super short and wants to banish those curls. Hamish has begun to cruise around and we've had to lock him away in the playpen. Luckily he doesn't mind being in there and Isabella will sometimes sneak in there with him which means that I can get dinner ready without him in the kitchen.
Sammy and Josh eating while Bella and Hamish play .
Iron cleaner in my eye.
Harry Potter Exhibition at the Power House Museum.
Signe on the right back home in Denmark.
We've taken the kids out for treats and Hamish has had a few wobbly steps with the help of Daddy. All the kids have been having swimming lessons and Isabella has gone up a swimming level. She was so proud of herself and so were we! March saw me getting organised for going back to work and a period of nesting. It also saw me having to go to hospital when I got iron cleaner in my eye. My eye got a blister on it and I needed to have my eye flushed with saline at the hospital for an hour. Grateful that my eye was okay. A very sore and scary experience. Note to self: Don't wipe your hands on a cloth with iron cleaner on it and then wipe your eye!! We went and saw the 'Harry Potter' exhibition. Very cool!
Isabella and Tom at school.
Sore knees, elbows and head. Awww!
We decided to use an au pair and found a wonderful young girl called Signe and although she didn't quite match our dates we decided to go with her anyway. The beginning of a long distance Australian/Danish friendship.
Hamish in the playpen at Bella's school.
Tom and Isabella at the school disco.

Isabella and her friend at the disco.

Ballet class.
Isabella had many new experiences at school in March. She got to dress up and parade around the school with her best friend, Tom and go to her first school disco. She also got to find out about how the playground works and got knocked over by some big kids who were running and doing the wrong thing. Poor Isabella got knocked for six and managed to graze her knees, elbows and head. I got a telephone call to come and pick her up and we went home and had ice and cuddles. My poor baby. She started ballet this term and is unsure about whether she likes it or not yet. We were good parents and went along to the Kindergarten clean up at Isabella's school, on a weekend with the whole family. We took the playpen and let Hamish hang in there while we raked up leaves, cleaned drains and picked up sticks. It ended with a lovely BBQ and a chance to chat to other parents.

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